Stock system




In most steel companies, the stock of 6m by 2m steel plates a problem. The plates are often in on the ground where trucks drives over it or outside, where rust is taking it’s toll.

Warehouse 2 x 6

Warehouse 2 x 6

This sheet metal warehouse with extendable drawers ensures that you no longer need an additional forklift. With a lifter you can retreive plates from the warehouse and place them directly onto your cutting table. This allows for a significant reduction in downtime of your cutting table.

The warehouse has 5 sheets per drawer, each drawer can hold two tons of steel and there is still room to put some plates on the top of the warehouse.  This makes for a total capacity of 12 tons of steel.

The doors are an integral part of the warehouse, and when not in use they are are folded to the warehouse, creating free floor space with this compact design.

The plates warehouse is very robust: the heavy, large industrial wheels with bearings ensure low rolling resistance so that even with a full load the drawer can opened easily by hand.

Prices on request, there are several versions available.