The cartridge filter VDS-CT is designed to remove the dust generated when cutting metal on a efficient and careful way.

The design is simple, reliable and effective. The in the metal cutting process ensures that quite a different design is requirent to meet the demands of the cutting process.
The use of nanofiber filter cartridges ensure a very high
degree of separation. The cartridges are fire retardant
(FR) and have a large media surface. The large
selection of standard filter cabinets from 2 to more than 128
filter cartridges allows you to select a wide variaty of volumes and dustloads.
The selection of the right fan ensures proper
allignment with the process.

The special inlet box with spark arrester ensures
that the kinetic energy of glowing particles
is inhibited, and the temperature of the particles
lowered. Therefore the life span of the
filter cartridges are extended.