Dear relation the BELOGROEP has the relation file and the product rights of
Van Dijk’s Apparaten fabriek B.V taken over.


The core activities of the BELOGROEP are engineering and realization of projects in machine building. We also supply a range of our own products and modular systems.


Facilities within the BELOGROEP are tailored to these products. These facilities also connect closely to the former activities of
Van Dijk’s Apparatenfabriek B.V.
This unique combination has made us decide to include the activities and products within the possibilities of the BELOGROEP.


We would like to be of service to you as a valued customer of  Van Dijk’s Apparaten Fabriek BV.
With the delivery reliability and care for quality as the customers of the BELOGROEP take for granted.



Van Rietlaan 3
3461 HW Linschoten 

Tel. 0348 425 210