With our 40 years of experience, in a wide range of projects, we have designed our cutting tables to optimize production conditions. Many specialized solutions enhanced our experience in a wide range of production situations, ensuring the best cutting table for your production process. This led to the design of the standard cutting tables the Helios for light applications up to 100 mm, the Apollo for medium applications up to 200 mm and combined plasma and oxy fuel cutting and the Hercules for multi-torch cutting up to 500 mm.

Exhaust extraction in segments, ensures the power of the entire suction process concentrated on the part where the dust and smoke is generated on the cutting table and therefore using minimal power even when the cutting table is not completely covered with product.

The cutting table has different functions where each function is designed to enhance the cutting process with different specific designs:



The main 10 design focuses:

1. Modular construction

Our cutting tables are always manufactured and welded to form identical components. Therefore, air leakage is practically excluded. Through the production of identical segments, we can realize almost all table sizes. This design which is welded and not bolded offers advantages especially in demanding cutting processes. In case you need to extend you cutting table at a later time, it is simple to add the same size segments.

2. The ducting is designed to optimize the suction flow

The air can travel through the ducting at a high velocity having minimal air resistance.

3. Stainless Steel exhaust ventilation flaps

The oval flaps allow high volumes of air to ensure maximum performance. Since the location of the flaps are in the area of the cutting process and not in the ducting the suction air pulls the flap tight ensuring a perfect fit with an absolute minimal pressure loss.

4. Pneumatic controls

The suction flaps open rapidly thanks to the pneumatic controls. This method is proven over many years with a high reliability.

5. Ventilation segments of 500 mm

A segment width of 500 mm has proven suitable for more than 95% of all applications for which we have designed cutting tables over the last 40 years.

6. Large slag trays

Eeach segment holds a large slag tray (two trays are fitted when the width of the table is 2,6 meters or more). These large trays can collect a large amount of debris and can be easily removed from the table with the help of a crane by means of the welded lifting lugs.

7. Minimal pressure loss

Because our system has minimal pressure losses the complete power of the fan will be used for air suction at the burner head.

8. Different cutting grids for different cutting process

Over the years we have experienced many customer wishes for different grids, standard are the slightly bend strips ensuring minimal movement of the cutting product, but fishing bone grid, spikes for laser cutting, pins for thick plasma cutting are all possible. We can also offer a grid designed for your specific cutting needs.

9. High load capacity

The standard version of our cutting table named Helios is designed for sheets up to 100 mm in thickness. We offer heavy duty versions for sheets up to 200 mm in thickness named Apollo. For very heavy processes up to 500 mm. we offer the extra heavy duty version named Hercules.

10. Standard design with customer-specific adaptations

Years of experience led to the design of a “standard” cutting table. This “standard” incorporates the optimum of most of our cutting wishes. However every cutting table can be adapted either with one of our many options or any wish which is needed to optimize your cutting wishes.

We have built our cutting tables with the experience of all our customers over 40 years. But improvement is a never ending story. We keep on improving and learn from our customers. Let us know your remarks and experience to enhance our cutting tables.

Dual chamber suction control:
Our suction flaps are fitted with pneumatic cylinders which open and close as the cutting head passes by. When the cutting head is doing its work on one section all other chambers are closed. However when passing the metal separation wall between 2 chambers for a short period of time 2 flaps are opened reducing unwanted dust and smoke.

Ball valves:
The pneumatic cylinders are opened and closed by ball valves. These ball valves are operated by a so called sled which is attached to the beam which holds the cutting head. The ball valves have proven very reliable and easy to obtain in every part of the world.

Cutting table assortment:
Our cutting grids consist of a support frame and the interchangeable cutting strips (a consumer component). In this way, when emptying the slag trays, the cutting grid can be gently removed from the bench in small pieces, with the help of a crane. We offer different cutting units for different applications.

This is the standard unit suitable for normal applications up to 100 mm cutting sheets. The upper deck consists of strips of 80 x 5 mm.
The Helios is the standard unit for plasma cutting up to 150 A, or a small gas cutting torch. The distance from the strips is 83 mm. The smaller pieces will remain lodged on the grid. We offer the possibility to deliver a grid of mesh of 50×50 mm that keeps smaller cutting pieces. On the outside we applied a reinforcement tube that absorbs most of the damage brought to the table itself.

Optionally, we can deliver strips of 80 x 8.

We recommend this table at combined plasma / oxy cutting installations, plasma systems with a bevel function or pure oxy cutting torches up to 6 units which regularly cut materials to a thickness of 200 mm. The grid and the inner containers are made from heavier materials and can absorb more heat. The upper deck rests on a UNP 120 profile. On the UNP 120 profile special centring pens are made which make the positioning of the upper deck easier. This will simplify the removal of the upper deck using the lifting eyes considerably. The strips in the upper deck are 80 x 8 mm.

For very heavy applications, we developed the Hercules. This table is made for gas cutting installations till 8 torches where materials to a thickness of 500 mm can be processed. The upper frame rests on a heavy UNP 160 profile, for the construction of the other parts, plate material up to 10 mm is used for optimal heat absorption. The strips in the deck are 100 x 10 mm.

Cutting tables for export:
Our cutting tables are exportable! For these, the cutting table is divided in easy transportable segments. Once delivered on location, they will be placed and bold together and with the floor adjustment legs they can be lined up quite easily, even on uneven floors.

The cutting tables can then very easily be assembled on site by technicians with no prior training, by simply screwing the individual components together. An installation instruction is available upon request. This results in a very quick and simple assembly which saves a lot of costs.

If required we can sent our team to either assist you install the cutting table or do the complete installation on site.