The cyclone is a separation device that is used for the separation of substances with a different weight or different aggregate state.

Food spec Cyclone

Food spec Cyclone

The separation takes place with the aid of a vortex flow. Where the centrifugal and gravity result in separation of the various substances. The separation is mainly due to weight. The cyclone is used for dust particles larger than 20 mu and with a dust load greater than 10 grams per m3.

Van Dijk Systems makes high efficiency cyclones that 10% to 15% higher efficiency than the standard cyclones.

By the application of an expansion chamber (Diamant), the smaller dust particles separated off better, also this would create less wear on the conical portion.

The great advantage of cyclones most other extraction systems is the high degree of reliability due to no moving parts, low maintenance costs and ease to apply them in your system.

The cyclones are finding their way to recycling facilities, as pre-separator fabric filters, in wood, metal and ceramic industries and a variety of other applications.

Our cyclones are standard 3 mm sheet steel and painted in two layers for optimal strength and durability.

For special applications we create designs in stainless steel as well as the product is very abbrasief we make them from wear resistant Hardox.

In that the cyclone has no moving parts the maintenance is very limited. Because the size is relatively small with respect to the dust load, it is very suitable for large volumes of fabric. Or as pre-separator for cartridge filters.