Standard filter VDS-GP



Widely applicable

The cartridge filter VDS-GP is designed to work efficuently in a wide scope of work. The design is simple, reliable and effective. The hanging cartridges make the filter applicable where high dust loads are occuring. The use of filter cartridges with different kinds of filter cloth allow for efficient cleaning with different processes. The large selection of standard cabinets from 2 cartridges to more than 128 cartridges make it possible to filter a large range of volumes. The selection of the fan ensures correct alignment with the production process.

The VDS-GP is used in many applications.


Low pressure inlet header

The special inlet header with low back pressure ensures that the kinetic energy of solid particles is inhibited, therefore the life of the filter cartridges is extended. The innovative design provides a very good protection of the filter cartridges.


Reliable, thorough and effective

The filter is produced with at least 3mm thick sheet metal plates and profiles. The metal construction is fully welded. In this high-quality construction no kit is used. This construction ensures that over time the filter reliably, no air leaks, continues to work. Many innovations provide low maintenance. Careful flow calculations and enough space between the cartridges provide an effective filter area at both high and low dust load and good cleanability even when it comes to fine dusts.


Innovative maintenance cleaning system

The catridges are sequentially cleaned with compressed air. In order to achieve a lower noise level, the tank and the valve built into the filter unit. With a new innovative design, the tanks, valves and electronics in a module from the filter box met. The testing and maintenance of the complete cleaning system can therefore take place outside the filter unit. This allows for lower maintenance costs and a lower downtime of the filter unit..


Large dustbin

To enlarge the time interval between emptying the dustbin the culome of the dustbin is enlarged.

From the VDS8 the dustbin has spaces which makes it easy to empty with a forklift. If the dustbin needs a very large capacity, you can opt for the “Big Bag” option.



Many options are available, these are a few options.

  •  Inline spark arrestor
  • Sprinkler
  • Dust Valve with extended base
  • HEPA final filter
  • Atex
  • Hardox inlet
  • Reduce valve
  • Plateau
  • Top box with summer, winter mode
  • Soundbox
  • Outdoor installation
  • Big Bag