Energy efficient GreenVDS



GreenVDS Dust Collector

Van Dijk Systems makes dust collecting energy efficient without increasing the procurement costs.

Van Dijk Systems has focused on making process cleaner and more energy efficient. Therefore a complete new line of dust collectors is developed with the main focus on energy efficiency. This new filter unit called GreenVDS.


Frequency converter for less energy consumptionGreenVDS

GreenVDS is designed to lower energy consumption and to achieve the same efficiency as the current generation filter cabinets. Van Dijk Systems is fitted standard with a frequency converter. With the use of the frequency converter the average savings on power cost can go down to 40 or 50 percent. Not only can it safe thousands of euro’s per year on electricity cost, the fine adjusting of the airflow can drastically reduce the warming cost of you factory as well. Since less costly heated factory air is used for the cutting process and removed outside the building.

In order to increase savings even more, Van Dijk Systems has the option of a top box or an after filter with an inside / outside switch. When cutting stainless steel, the gaseous residue contains a substance called Chrome 6. Depending on the cutting time and working conditions, it is mandatory for the filtered air, which still contains residue of Chorme-6, to be discharged outside. However with cutting plain steel the high quality filtered air can be discharged inside the factory hall. By using the inside / outside switch module one discharges the with Chrome-6 polluted air outside and when cutting regular steel, the manually operated switch changes the output to inside the factory hall.


High Capacity High Quality Filtration

Using extra large cartridge filter elements of 20m2 with Nano-Web; Nanofiber technology the performance is one of the highest in the industry. The advanced media is more efficient in capturing submicron dust particles (0.3 micron and larger). With dust particles of 0.5 micron and larger the efficiency is even 99,999%. These filters have a MERV 13 rating on the ASHREA scale. Since no PTFE is used the filters are more durable in conditions where oil is used enhancing the lifetime of the filter elements.



Standard Spark Trap

With plasma cutting processes sparks can cause trouble. The GreenVDS has therefore a spark trap build in the air inlet channel from the filter cabinet. The spark trap decreases the energy level of the sparks enhancing the lifetime of the filter elements. The construction of the spark trap enables the air inlet to be situated on 2 sides of the dust collector. This will give installation freedom with at the installation process.


Integrated design

The GreenVDS has all the various components like hopper, dustbin, controller, spark arrestor, reinforcements, motor and fan integrated in one sleek design. With the option of painting the filter in any specific color, the filter can blend in with your current machines. Since there are practically no outside parts, no dust will build up keeping a smooth appearance.  


Plug and Play

With the integrated forklift openings, it is easy to position the filter at the destined place. The filter is pre-tested and pre-set at our factory. All that needs to be done is to connect the ducts, pressured air connections and connect the power plug. The fan will run always in the right direction no matter how the 3 phases are connected. Then it is just push the “on” button and let the filter do the work.


Low noise

With the integrated design of the GreenVDS it is possible to create a low noise cartridge filter. Since many fans have a sound box as an option to reduce the noise level, van Dijk systems has the sound proof box integrated in the design. Special noise insulating foam of 5 cm thick ensures one of the lowest noise levels in the industry. 

The integrated cleaning mechanism gives an A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level LpAeq < 66 dB(A) with impulsive noise content DLi + 10 dB.  Measurement according DIN 45635 part 1 at 1m distance from the unit with 6 bar compressed air pressure, pulse interval of 15 sec, in semi-free field conditions with a usual tolerance of + 2 dB.





Van Dijk Systems has a large range of standard cartridge filters which are perfectly optimized to work with the Van Dijk Systems cutting tables. All cartridge filters are available in a standard 2500 Pa and a 3000 Pa version for use with a Drop Out Box (DOB).


Option – Color

There are many “standard’ options, most frequently used is the free choice of color, since all filters are build in-house starting from plain sheet metal, our in-house painting booth paints the cartridge filter in the color of your choice.


Option – Top Box

To reduce the energy cost even more the VDS cartridge filter can be supplied with a Top Box with “inside / outside” switch. When cutting Stainless Steel, harmful Crome-6 gas will be part of the exhaust air. This gas has to be discarded outside the working environment depending on the cutting time and local regulations. With cutting standard carbon steel the exhaust air can remain inside the building. With the Top Box with “inside/outside” switch where you can choose to discard the polluted air outside and the heated factory air inside. Saving energy and utilizing the heat of the cutting process.


Option – Outside Installation

Most of the dust collectors are situated inside the building, for outside installation we offer options like making the complete filter IP54 installation and if you choose to protect the rain from entering the clean air outlet on the roof we can also offer a deflector hood.


Option – Large dustbin

To increase the interval of emptying the dustbin, there is a choice for a 200l dustbin. This dustbin is mounted under the filter housing and is therefore always sold with the option of support legs to elevate the filter housing. A butterfly valve reduces the spillage of dust when you change the bin. Since the filter housing is elevated an optional terrace will make the access easier to change the filters or address any maintenance that is required.


Option – Remote start

As the filter is often situated away from the cutting machine, especially with larger cutting tables, or if the filter is installed outside, it is possible with most cutting machines to start the filter from the operator point. The remote start option on the VDS cartridge filters only need a potential free contact.


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Vds GreenVDS Eng 101024
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