Grinding VDS-GR



Widely applicable

The cartridge filter VDS GR is specially developed for grinding applications of defatted plates. The design is simple, reliable and effective. The large primary inlet chamber with special blades ensure effective spark delay. Hanging Flame Retardant cartridges ensure that the filter can be used with high dust loads. The use of filter cartridges with different kinds of filter cloth allows for an efficient cleaning process. The large selection of standard cabinets from 2 cartridges to more than 128 cartridges makes it possible to create a standard filter unit with a wide range of volumes and dust loads. The selection of the fan ensures correct alignment with the productionprocess.



Sparks retardant inlet header

The special inlet header with low back pressure ensures that the kinetic energy of solid particles is inhibited,. Therefore taking the energy as much as possible out of the particles  and thus increasing the life span of the cartridges. The innovative design provides a very good protection of the filter cartridges.

If you do not use defatted plates we recommend our wet scrubber the AquaClean.