Highcube VDS-HC

The highcube is a general filter unit, it has teflon filter cartridges and can be supplied to most fume and dust generating processes.


Some applications are:

– manual welding

– welding robots

– cutting tables

– air work tables 

– room exhausting


With a foodplate of 700mm x 700mm and a height of 2750mm it consumes very little precious floor space. And with a cleaning pressure of only 4 bar is it very suitable for smaller workplaces.



Principle of operation:

The fume and dust laden air is first guided through the inlet with cupper plate, then it reaches the filter zone. The dust and fume particles will reain ont the outside of the filter cartridges. Once the amount of dust is getting to high, the pressure sensor starts the cleaning cycle. The cartridges are then dedusted automatically bij compressed air.

The dust is deposited in the dedusting bin. The cleaned air is guided outside through the outlet silence. Optionally, the air can be guided outside via optional piping. 




The housing consists of welded steel plates and coated with a polyurethane, 2 component coating. The pressure control is preset. The Highcube is equipped with filter cartridges with filter catagory BIA M.



Technical data:

Max. flow oft the fan (m³/hr)            : 5.000

Max. pressure (Pa)                           : 2.000

Pre-filter                                         :  copper plate

Filtercartridge media                        : PTFE leminated on base

Power consumption                          : 4 kW / 8,5 A

Voltage                                           : 230V / 50 Hz

Sound level (dBA)                            : 76

Weight (kg)                                     : 270

L*W*H (mm)                                  : 700*700*2743