Shotblasting VDS-SB


Dust collector for shotblasting VDS-SB


The cartridge filter VDS-SB is designed to do its work efficiently in a wide range of applications. The design is simple, reliable and effective. The hanging cartridges ensure effective cleaning where high dust loads are expected. The use of different cartridge media, provide the best solution for your production process. The large selection of standard filter
cabinets from 2 to 96 cartridges allows you to select a wide variety of volumes and dust loads. The selection of fan
ensures a proper alignment with the process; the VDS-SB can be used in many applications.


Low pressure inlet box


VDS-SB for shotblasting

The special inlet box with low inlet pressure ensures that the kinetic energy of particles are reduced in order to extend the life of the filter cartridges. The innovative design provides excellent protection of the filter cartridges.


Reliable, thorough and effective
The filter cabinet is made of thick sheet metal and profiles. The metal consruction is fully welded. In this high-quality construction, no kit is used. This construction ensures that over time the filter will work reliable without air leakage. Many innovations provide low maintenance. Carefull calculations and sufficient space between the cartridges provide an effective filter range at both high and low dust levels. It also ensures  a good cleanability also where fine dust types are used.


Innovative maintenance friendly cleaning system
The cartridges are sequentially cleaned with compressed air. To achieve a lower noise level, the tank and the valves built into the filter box. Through an innovative new design, the tanks, valves and electronics can be taken out of the filter as a “cassette”. The testing of the complete cleaning system can therefore happen outside the filter. This ensures easier access and lower maintenance cost.


Large dustbin
To extend the time interval between emptying the dustbin the volume of the dustbin is quite large. The dustbin’s design makes it easy to lift with a forklift. If the capacity needs to be increased, the “Big Bag” option can be supplied as well. The height of the filter will be increased as extended legs will be requiered to support the extended height of the “Big Bag”.


Several options are available for the VDS-SB
– Front inlet spark arrestor
– Variable height support legs
– Big Bag connection
– After filter
– Electric connection box
– Soft starter
– Hardox inlet box
– Sound box