Kratos Vibrating Table



Emptying the scrap bins in some cases may not be efficient. Small parts fall through the metal strips of the upper deck and it is labor intensive to remove them.

Van Dijk Systems has developed the Kratos cutting table. Instead of bins the floor is equipped with vibrating conveyors. During the cutting, the slag and small parts are transported to the end of the table, where they are collected in a container. This makes them easy to remove. The result is a much more efficient use of the cutting process and therefore a higher yield.



Vibrating conveyor

A hollow metal plate of wear resistant steel is brought into resonance by an electric motor. The vibrations are small, thus energy-saving and there is only a slight abrasion. Depending on the width of the table, there are one or more conveyor belts in the longitudinal direction of the table. The electric motors are located at the head of the table in a robust housing. Each channel has its own electric motor.


The table has various segments. These segments ensure air distribution with equal pressure and therefore an optimal extraction of polluted air. In this way excellent removal of cutting dust is guaranteed. The valves are attached to the side of the table, so that your cutting process is not impeded. The pneumatic components are separated from the air flow, therefore less wear occurs.

• Continuous discharge of slag and small parts
• Ideal for very high cutting capacity
• Separation of the airflow and the mechanics
• Space-saving transport
• Simple design
• Less downtime
• Low maintenance