Fumées de Soudage



Room ventilation and – filtration, the VDS-RV


The theory and practice of the extraction of welding fumes is quite different. Source extraction works in practice by the grace of the discipline of the welder. Roof and wall fans have little effect. Many other forms of extraction are hampered by large obstructions in the area where welding.


A good solution is the turbulence system. With this system, in a few large openings the unfiltered smoke-polluted air is sucked. This air is filtered through high-efficiency nano-fiber filter cartridges.




By a large number of  adjustable outlets (nozzles) located at the top of the filterplaces a turbulent airflow is generated which mixes with the contaminated air. Because of this turbulence is an optimum amount of contaminated air is contained and filtered.


Especially for the optimization of factory ventilation and filtration, Van Dijk Systems developped the VDS-RV. Some advantages of the VDS-RV:
• Optimal intake of polluted air
• No noticable draft
• Alignment with the dimensions of the hall
• Relatively small floorspace
• No pipes or complicated installation
• Easy installation, only power and compressed air
• Energy efficient, no waste of heated air
• Wide range, good adaption of each situation
• Even in the workplace, clean filtered air
• Not dependent on the discipline of the employee


The VDS-RV is availbale in the following sizes:


– 6.000 m3/h.
– 12.000 m3/h.
– 18.000 m3/h.
– 24.000 m3/h.
– 30.000 m3/h.