VDS Air Work Table


Many metalworking processes generate dust and mist. The health risks of this should not be underestimated. To clean the air, Van Dijk Systems developed the Air Worktable. The basic version of this table is very solid and has many additional options so that the end product can be made fully optimal according to the demands and requirements that fit your situation.



Air Work Table

Air Work Table

The base of this bench is extremely robust. This sleeve is made from heavy material and is finished with a solid two-component polyurethane coating. All legs are adjustable for stable placement.


There is a wide choice. The start is a flat worktable (length 2000mm x width 900mm x height 900mm) with a galvanized perforated grille with a connector on the back for filter cleaning.


This allows to build with different options in extraction, walls and grilles.


The Air Worktable is suitable for many applications, such as grinding, welding, cutting and gluing.



Fume extraction


With the option extraction can choose between connecting to a separate filter box or a built-in fan with filtration. This removes the Air Worktable fumes and dust directly from the breathing zone of the person working on the table. With the optional backwalls, sidewalls and even processes where relatively large dust is properly extracted.




Dense entire back wall height (90 cm)

Dense rear half height (45 cm)

Rear exhaust applications with full height (90 cm)

Rear exhaust applications with half height (45 cm)

Articulated sidewalls

2 large waste bins

Hardwood grid (for aluminum machining)

Press Schedule of galvanized steel (grid size 33 cm x 33 cm)

Thin perforated plates (for glue application)

Integrated dust extraction and filtration

Top plate with lighting


Besides the standard options, there is a wide experience in special applications. Contact your Van Dijk Systems representative for a customized Air Worktable.